Supreme Court of Georgia

On writ of certiorari, determined that jury’s award of $54 million was improper and client who operated car rental company along with other defendants were not liable for an employee’s unforeseeable, criminal act of stealing car and striking pedestrian during high-speed chase with police

State Court of Fulton County

In UM case involving plaintiff who had already received $50,000 from the defendant’s liability carrier, the jury awarded total damages of $30,000, meaning that plaintiff recovered no additional money from UM carrier client

State Court of Douglas County

Defense verdict for pilot accused of assaulting his former student who replaced him as corporation’s pilot, resulting in a physical confrontation on the airstrip that left the plaintiff with a bimalleolar fracture to his ankle requiring surgery

State Court of DeKalb County

Obtained defense verdict for driver who rear-ended plaintiff’s vehicle, causing minor damage and plaintiff made no complaints at the scene and went to the chirporactor seven times before discontinuing treatment for three months

Superior Court of Bartow County

Limited total damages to $20,000 in an auto case involving a plaintiff who received three facet injections after the accident and incurred more than $14,000 in medical expenses after his vehicle was rear ended on the interstate