Superior Court of Chattooga County

On appeal by the plaintiff from the Magistrate Court where $7,000 was awarded for back and neck injuries, jurors returned a verdict in favor of the defendant motorist who struck tow truck line connecting plaintiff’s vehicle to tow truck during a snowstorm, leading defendant’s vehicle to strike plaintiff’s vehicle

Georgia Court of Appeals

Affirming summary judgment in favor of doctor because alleged fraud related to plaintiff’s prognosis did not toll the statute of limitations when it could be discovered by other means

State Court of Clayton County

In multi-vehicle auto case in which one defendant was in default, the jury awarded zero damages to police offer plaintiff who claimed that he suffered a knee injury requiring arthroscopic surgery when he had fallen down the stairs and injured his knee only 10 days before the accident

Supreme Court of Georgia

Affirming the trial court’s dismissal of plaintiff’s renewal action in a medical malpractice case because it was barred by the statute of repose

Georgia Court of Appeals

Reversal of the trial court in favor of a liability insurer because its auto policy did not provide coverage for the sexual assault of a minor patient being transported to a medical appointment