Attorneys in our Appellate Practice Group Represent Individuals and Businesses at all Levels on Appeal

Appellate litigation is an important aspect of our practice at Downey & Cleveland. Along with substantial trial litigation experience, we have significant appellate litigation experience as well, and our attorneys represent individuals, companies, governmental entities, and other clients in appeals at all levels throughout Georgia, including the Georgia Court of Appeals Supreme Court of Georgia, and the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals.

Experienced Appellate Attorneys Serving Individual and Corporate Clients in Georgia

Appellate litigation and trial litigation are very different. While trial litigation largely focuses on the facts of the underlying claim or dispute, appellate litigation primarily focuses on what happened at trial. As a result, appellate litigation and trial litigation require very different skill sets, and great trial lawyers won’t necessarily be able to translate their success into the nuances of appellate practice.

With our focus on trial and appellate litigation, we have been able to amass a substantial record of success in trial and appellate courts throughout Georgia. Several of our firm’s cases now serve as a precedent that protects companies and individuals in liability-related matters. We represent both new and existing clients in appellate litigation and firms that do not handle appeals often refer their clients’ appellate matters to our firm.

Types of Appellate Matters We Handle

We handle appellate matters in all of our substantive areas of practice. This includes appellate matters involving:

  • Personal Injury – Our personal injury defense practice includes handling auto accidents, uninsured motorist claims and torts involving punitive damages at trial and on appeal.
  • Construction Litigation – We handle all types of construction litigation cases at the trial and appellate levels, including cases involving construction defects, construction delays, construction liens, and breach of contract litigation.
  • Insurance Coverage – Our lawyers protect the interests of policyholders and insurers in trial and appellate litigation involving first-party, third-party, and extra-contractual liability claims.
  • Medical Malpractice & Healthcare – We represent doctors, healthcare providers and facilities in defense of all types of malpractice and negligence claims. This includes challenging unfavorable interlocutory orders and verdicts on appeal.
  • Property Damage – We also handle the defense of property damage claims for individuals and businesses at the trial and appellate levels. We handle cases involving all types of property and all coverage lines.
  • Premises Liability – We also have significant experience in the area of premises liability, including cases arising from slip-and-falls, dog bites and inadequate security claims. Here, too, we handle premises liability claims at the trial level and on appeal.

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