Our Lawyers Defend Insurers Against All Types of Property Damage Claims in Georgia

Our firm represents individuals and businesses against property damage claims throughout Georgia. With 50 years of experience, we have handled all types of property damage claims involving all types of casualty events, from auto accidents to incidents involving theft and fire damage.  In property damage cases, questions often arise whether the property can be repaired or is a total loss, and whether the property’s value has diminished because of an accident. We handle claims arising from auto, home, business, and other lines of property damage coverage, and while we work to protect our clients’ interests without litigation whenever possible, we are fully prepared to litigate property damage claims when necessary.

Similar to our other practice areas, in property damage cases, we take a comprehensive approach that starts with thoroughly understanding the facts at hand. We thoroughly investigate facts surrounding a property damage claim and carefully evaluate our client’s risk and exposure based on the applicable policy and facts of a particular case. We then help our clients make informed coverage determinations. When our clients are justified in denying coverage, we defend our clients’ coverage determinations throughout the claims process, at trial, and on appeal.

Types of Property Damage Matters We Handle

We handle all types of property damage matters for individuals and businesses, along with representing insurers in property damage cases involving auto, homeowners, and commercial lines. Our experience includes successfully defending individuals, businesses, and their insurers against claims such as:

  • Property damage arising from fire or flooding events
  • Commercial property damage claims
  • Motor vehicle damage claims
  • Diminished value claims
  • Personal property damage claims

We have protected individuals and businesses against unnecessary liability and unfavorable trial verdicts in cases involving:

  • Auto accidents
  • Fires
  • Floods
  • Theft
  • Tree damage

These are just a few examples. As a defense law firm, we routinely represent individuals and businesses in property damage litigation, along with advising insurers about property damage in first-party, third-party, and extra-contractual liability claims. With offices in Marietta, we handle property damage cases throughout Georgia and have secured favorable verdicts for insurance companies in courts statewide.

A Georgia Defense Law Firm Committed to Protecting Insurers in Property Damage Cases

Since we have been in business since 1973, we have longstanding relationships with many of our insurance clients. Our senior partners have been with the firm for decades, and our lawyers consult with many of our insurance clients on a daily basis. Through these relationships, we can provide our clients with proactive coverage advice, and we are able to get involved quickly when our clients need defense representation. If you are interested in building a similar type of relationship with a law firm that you can trust to handle your company’s property damage cases without reservation, we invite you to contact us to learn more.

Contact Us to Speak with a Property Damage Defense Lawyer in Marietta, GA

If your insurance company needs reliable defense counsel to manage its property damage claims in Georgia, we encourage you to get in touch. One of our partners will discuss your company’s needs with you one-on-one. To schedule an initial consultation, please call 770-422-3233 or get in touch online today.