Our Lawyers Work with State and Municipal Entities to Mitigate Loss from Local Government and Land Use Claims

Departments, offices, and agencies at all levels of government play an important role in the day-to-day lives of all Georgians. From providing jobs to maintaining the state’s roads, governmental entities provide numerous essential services — and, in doing so, they face numerous liability risks as well.

In today’s world, claims against governmental entities have become commonplace. From employment-related claims, personal injury, and premises liability claims to claims against law enforcement and those involving land use and entitlements, numerous activities can create exposure for governmental entities and their employees. At Downey & Cleveland, LLP, we defend governmental entities and their employees against these claims, and we rely on 50 years of litigation experience to achieve cost-effective and favorable results for our clients.

Types of Local Government and Land Use Matters We Handle

We represent governmental entities and their employees in all types of liability matters. As defense counsel, we rely on our experience to meticulously investigate all claims and identify viable defense strategies for our clients. As a result of our experience in this area, we can operate efficiently — both saving taxpayer dollars and ensuring that our clients’ leaders and staff can make informed and strategic decisions before facing unnecessary litigation.

Our lawyers take this comprehensive and cost-conscious approach to every matter we handle. This includes matters involving allegations of:

  • Wrongful arrest
  • Use of excessive force
  • Discrimination
  • Civil rights violations
  • Constitutional violations
  • Land use, zoning, entitlement, and property rights disputes
  • Personal injury and wrongful death claims, including auto accident and premises liability claims
  • School-related claims
  • Wrongful termination and other employment-related claims

An informed and strategic defense is paramount for governmental entities targeted in litigation. Governmental entities must protect taxpayers’ interests while preserving their reputations as reliable, trustworthy, and transparent service providers for Georgia residents. Likewise, governmental entities must work to protect their financial interests as well as those of their shareholders, and they must approach all matters with a clear understanding of all pertinent legal and practical considerations.

About Downey & Cleveland, LLP

In business since 1973, we have represented several governmental entities in Georgia and routinely represent insurers in governmental liability and other liability matters. As a Georgia-based law firm with offices in Marietta, we are committed to working with state and municipal authorities to protect them and the taxpayers they serve. Our lawyers have extensive trial experience in courts throughout Georgia, and our lawyers can handle governmental appeals at all levels.

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