We Defend Companies and Governmental Entities in ADA Claims Throughout Georgia

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) provides important protections for individuals whose lives have been affected by disabilities. Private and public employers with 15 or more employees must strictly comply with the ADA in many aspects of employment, and businesses that qualify as “public accommodations” under Title III of the ADA must address the needs of the general public as well.

Unfortunately, while the ADA serves an important role, it also serves as a tool to target companies and governmental entities with unwarranted claims and litigation. Unfounded ADA claims are commonplace, and local businesses and governmental entities must frequently defend against unmeritorious claims. At Downey & Cleveland, LLP, we defend companies and governmental entities against ADA claims throughout Georgia. We have extensive experience handling these claims at all stages, from the preliminary investigation through trial and appeal.

Experienced Defense Counsel for ADA Claims in Georgia

Implementing an effective ADA compliance program is critical for mitigating companies’ and governmental entities’ risk of liability. Unfortunately, even an effective compliance program won’t serve to prevent ADA claims in all cases. Employees make mistakes, and, as discussed above, many ADA claims are unwarranted.

Our experience includes representing companies, governmental entities, and their insurers in all types of ADA claims, litigation, and appeals. By conducting comprehensive investigations, thoroughly evaluating all viable arguments and defenses, and executing efficient defense strategies, we have been able to help our clients avoid unnecessary liability in numerous cases. We handle matters including (but not limited to) those involving allegations of:

  • Disability-based discrimination in employment (including hiring, promotion, job assignment, and termination)
  • Failure (or refusal) to provide reasonable accommodations to employees under Title I of the ADA
  • Failure to provide accessible building entrances and exits
  • Failure to install electric door openers, lifts, and other necessary equipment
  • Failure to install required ADA signage
  • Inadequate parking access
  • Inaccessible sidewalks, walkways, and stairwells
  • Inaccessible counters
  • Inaccessible restroom facilities
  • Ramps that are too steep, missing handrails, and other accessibility issues

These are only a few examples. Americans with Disability Act claims can take numerous different forms, and assessing the validity of plaintiffs’ claims isn’t always — or often — easy. These are complex claims that require a thorough understanding of the law and a defense firm with significant experience and a proven record of success in court. At Downey & Cleveland, LLP, we rely on 50 years of experience defending companies and governmental entities to evaluate plaintiffs’ claims, help our clients make informed decisions, and defend our clients in court when necessary.

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