We Defend Property Owners, Contractors, Insurers, and Other Clients in All Types of Construction Litigation in Georgia

Construction litigation presents a variety of risks and challenges. Property owners, contractors, insurers, and others targeted in these lawsuits can face substantial liability following an incident, and avoiding unnecessary liability requires an informed, strategic, and proactive defense.

At Downey & Cleveland, we have been defending property owners, builders, trades, and other clients in construction litigation for 50 years. We understand the unique risks and challenges involved in construction litigation and know what it takes to overcome them. We have successfully represented numerous clients in litigation and on appeal, and we have helped our clients avoid litigation in many cases as well.

Types of Construction Litigation We Handle

Construction is big business. When major construction projects are underway, all parties involved have interests they need to protect. As a result, when things go wrong, insurance coverage often plays a central role, and all parties involved must work with their counsel to ensure that they do not take on undue liability. It is not uncommon in construction cases for defendants to attempt to bring various general and subcontractors into the litigation through the filing of third-party complaints. The experienced attorneys at Downey & Cleveland have the experience and knowledge in this specialized area to defeat meritless claims and ensure that our clients do not shoulder more than their fair share of damages when liability is proven.

We defend property owners, contractors, and businesses big and small in all types of construction-related litigation in Georgia. This includes litigation involving:

  • Breach of contract claims
  • Construction delay claims
  • Construction lien claims
  • Indemnification and insurance coverage claims
  • Warranty and defect claims
  • Workplace personal injury and wrongful death
  • Property damage, including that caused by water runoff, fires, and tornadoes

Along with handling disputes between property owners, contractors, and their insurers, we also defend businesses and individuals against third-party construction defect claims and other similar types of litigation. We have extensive experience in this area as well—experience which includes successfully defending small family-owned businesses, large construction companies, engineering firms, surveyors, transportation companies, and their insurers against claims involving alleged:

  • Concrete and foundation defects
  • Defective architectural design and engineering
  • Electrical, plumbing, and HVAC defects
  • Structural defects
  • Use of inferior materials
  • Use of unskilled labor
  • Code violations
  • Water intrusion
  • Fire damage

These are only a few examples. Over the decades, our lawyers have handled construction litigation involving virtually all types of defects. We work closely with trusted experts in architecture, engineering, and all the trades, and we are intimately familiar with the case law—including case law we have helped to create—that protects commercial parties and their insurers in construction defect litigation.

Our Approach to High-Risk Construction Litigation in Georgia

Defending against high-risk construction litigation requires an informed, strategic, and comprehensive approach. At Downey & Cleveland, we rely on our lawyers’ decades of experience to quickly assess plaintiffs’ claims and formulate sound defense strategies. Our lawyers work hard to protect our clients’ interests as cost-effectively as possible—achieving favorable pre-trial results when we can and taking cases through jury verdict when necessary.

Speak with a Construction Litigation Defense Lawyer at Downey & Cleveland, LLP

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